Why “Dyslexia Untied?”

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Ever since I was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 27, I have always loved the slogan “Dyselxics of the World – UNTIE!” Although, yes, it mocks my disability, it also feels like there is a power and a humor behind it I can’t resist.  A similar slogan  “Workers of the World – Unite!” was a call to the power of the people of the Bolshevik era.  What does this slogan mean to me and why did I choose it as the domain name for my website?

  • It’s powerful. It feels like a powerful call to arms for all of us out there with dyslexia who are struggling to be heard and to be seen. It feels like we are the masses who must fight together to get our legislators, school systems, teachers and employers to understand us and what we need.
  • It’s honest. The logo acknowledges my significant problem distinguishing visually similar words.  As a person with dyslexia the words “UNTIE” and “UNITE” are extremely difficult to differentiate. So by using this slogan it is a tongue-in-cheek way to acknowledge that difficulty.
  • It’s funny. Through my dyslexia journey, it is my sense of humor that got me through. I couldn’t spell and I was teased a lot and struggled with self esteem through school, college and my years as a practicing lawyer. I am not sure that dyslexia is a gift necessarily, but it did give me my sense of humor which I am very grateful for.
  • It’s truthful. Oftentimes being someone with dyslexia or being a parent of dyslexia really can feel like you are coming “untied” mentally. You feel like you are trying so hard to advocate but you keep “coming untied” each time you are up against an administrator who just doesn’t get it.
  • It’s hopeful. In another sense of the word, I would love to help all the parents out there “untie” the mystery of  dyslexia – to make it easier for them to get help for their child.

So, y’all, join me in my rally cry – DYSLEXICS OF THE WORLD – UNTIE!