12 Tips for IEP Meetings

12 Tips to Remember in an IEP Meeting (cowritten with Eillen Miller of Ignite Dyslexia.)

  1. Never sign the IEP in the meeting. You may sign that you were present, but don’t sign off the the IEP itself.  Go home. Read it.  Reread it.  Make sure it is what you want before you sign.
  1. Never go to an IEP meeting alone. Bring an advocate. Bring a spouse.  Bring a friend.
  1. Always record the meeting. Its your right.
  1. Always ask that people in the room at the IEP meeting introduce themselves and what their role is. Write down everyone’s name and position.
  1. Always take your time and have the IEP team meeting go at your pace. Teams will try to rush you through. Do not let them. If there is something you have not read yet, take time to read it in the meeting.
  1. Always ask them to clarify acronyms and educational terms.
  1. Always get everything in writing. If it is not in writing – it never happened.
  1. Always be prepared. Know what you want. Do your homework on your child’s disability.Print out the law state and federal law to know your rights.  Websites like wrightslaw.com have parent-friendly information.
  1. Always have a binder with all items organized inside it. (See next page.)
  1. Always have them go over all the documents with you. You are a part of the team and must be included on all decisions.
  1. Consider bringing your child to a portion of the meeting. It helps the team to hear from them if you feel like your child would be comfortable.
  1. Never give up. You are the parent and you know your child better than anyone.